An efficient wealth and succession planning tool

Wealth management tool

Life insurance solutions are excellent wealth management instruments both for estate planning as well as asset protection.

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)

Private Placement Life Insurance combines the security and protection of a life insurance policy with the asset management flexibility of private banking.


Investments and protection

It combines an investment vehicle with additional protection through life cover options.


Premium Life offers a great number of life cover options.


Whilst acting as a vehicle for efficient asset growth, it is also highly effective for succession and estate planning and it is flexible enough to adapt to client’s circumstances, as and when they change.

Estate and succession planning

Combined with existing traditional planning tools, such as trusts or foundations or corporate entities, life insurance provides an effective estate and succession planning tool.


Foreign Life insurance solutions are particularly efficient in a number of countries. But a specific country-by-country analysis is required and case-by-case tailoring is possible.

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