Premium Life at a glance...

Independent private wealth insurer

Founded in 2014, Premium Life is one of the rare, truly independent private wealth insurers. The founders have exported high net-worth insurance expertise, gained over many years in Europe, to the fertile insurance environment of The Bahamas. A highly experienced management team in the insurance sector is complemented by external expertise from recognised service providers.


As authorised and licensed External Insurer, governed by the provisions of the 2009 External Insurance Act, Premium Life is regulated by and under the supervision of the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas.


The Bahamas offer a strong statutory protection regime with modernised laws and regulation. As a licensed insurer, Premium Life must appoint external auditors for the audit of its financial statements.


In addition, the Company uses an independent leading reinsurer for mortality risk and underwriting expertise.


The company operates with a secure solvency model with no direct financial, credit or interest risk exposure arising from general funds, and limited mortality risk, which ensures that policies and policyholders rights are safeguarded.

B2B model, open architecture

Premium Life has an open architecture business model and works with a wide range of reputable private banks, family offices and asset managers. High Net-Worth individuals prefer the familiarity of their own long-standing relationships with existing banks and/or financial advisers, and are entirely free to maintain them within the insurance policies.


Premium life positions itself as a “B2B” organisation, whereby direct contact is established with professional financial institutions (private banks, family offices, independent financial advisors and asset managers).


Investment flexibility

Premium Life policies enable integration of a wide range of assets into a life insurance policy, including illiquid assets and private equity, with a view to achieving efficient capital growth​.


Use of independent regulated experts

Premium Life offers Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) solutions using the services of independent qualified service providers for key ancillary services within the insurance contract. At least this includes the custodian bank, the investment manager and the reinsurer, and is often complemented by the role of trusted advisors appointed by clients.


Regulated by the insurance authority

Premium Life is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas (the “ICB” at www.icb.gov.bs). The ICB is responsible for the supervision of the insurance sector in The Bahamas and is a member of the International Association of the Insurance Supervisors (www.iaisweb.org). The ICB monitors Premium Life’s solvency and performs regular on-site inspections.



Premium Life is member of the Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB). Please visit: www.bfsb-bahamas.com

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